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Latest Episode

What a week at Friends Talking Nerdy Headquarters! This week, Episode 68 hits. Tim, Noel, and Sterling continue their discussion on Star Wars. This week, they discuss their thoughts on the original trilogy.

We also have a bonus episode honoring Stan Lee. Tim and Sterling get together in what is our longest episode talking about Stan Lee and his influence on pop culture. In what could be described as an Irish Wake, they laugh, almost cry, and talk about a number of topics. We encourage you to listen.

We also introduced a contest. When you write a 5 star review of the show, take a screen shot of it. Post it on social media. Let us know you’ve done this. If you do this by Thanksgiving, you will be entered into a contest to win an exclusive lithograph. The artist is Arnel Baluyot and you can check out his work at The Ninja Bot. Check out our Instagram page to see the lithograph.

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